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Craig Lam

Executive VP

Craig Lam

Executive Vice President of Operations at Hidalgo & Co.

Craig Lam is an accomplished executive with over 16 years of experience in the dynamic and ever-evolving telecommunications industry. As the Executive Vice President of Operations at Hidalgo & Co., Craig is pivotal in ensuring the seamless functioning of the company's operations, vendor management, customer relations and overall success. Read More

With a deep understanding of industry nuances and a holistic view of company operations, Craig consistently propels Hidalgo & Co. towards higher levels of achievement. He has successfully guided the company through a rebranding process to align its message and image as a trusted customer advisor. Craig’s unique approach and ability to envision innovative solutions have led to establishing the company’s first Wholesale Master Agency, expanding vendor relationships and driving operational efficiency through automation.

His journey in the telecommunications industry began as the Director of Finance, where he demonstrated his early knack for blending financial expertise with operational insights.

Throughout his career, he has undertaken various positions in finance, sales support, management, and operations, harnessing his adaptability and commitment to continuous growth with attention to detail, adaptability and positivity.

Craig’s trajectory of excellence includes his tenure as Director of Operations at United Networks Services (UNSi), a leading managed network services provider, and at IpnetZone, a global network provider. He was instrumental in selling IPNetZone to UNSi and integrating operations for both companies. Craig’s inventive and strategic approach to automating pricing processes boosted sales volume and made sales operations faster and more effective.

Network Billing Systems and Simlab were among his many accomplishments, where he was a driving force and key figure in acquisitions and financial changes.

Craig received his bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance at the College of Staten Island in New York.

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Anthony Hidalgo

Chief Executive Officer

Shane Roybal

Executive VP

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