A strong network is vital as it connects all elements of your business, allowing for information sharing, seamless communication, and streamlined operations. Our broad range of network solutions enables us to identify the best technology to meet your requirements for efficient bandwidth utilization, security and control, and service reach, all while remaining within your budget.

Virtual Private LAN Service

A VPLS is a private multi-site network that uses an MPLS backbone to deliver voice and data services. Geographically dispersed locations can share an Ethernet broadcast domain, giving the appearance of being in the same office and linked to the same network, while delivering a scalable and cost-effective networking solution with increased performance.

Features & Benefits

Cost Effective Flexible Lower latency Performance Global Reach Secure Scalable

Wavelength Solutions

Wavelength delivers a fully managed, private, point-to-point service supplied through a cutting-edge dense wave division multiplexing network at speeds of 1G/10G/100G/400G. Wavelength solutions will transform your network so that it can manage more bandwidth with fewer network parts, resulting in increased speed, scalability, and performance.

Features & Benefits

Speed Performance Customer-specific routing Low latency End-to-end solutions Metro/National/Global Avalib

Dark Fiber Network

With a Dark Fiber network, you have the ability to self-manage critical network parts while maintaining a secure and dependable optical backbone. As a result, Dark Fiber gives your business the greatest amount of flexibility, scalability and control possible, allowing you to handle virtually unlimited bandwidth growth when you require it.

Features & Benefits

Control Flexible Secure Scalable

Multiprotocol Label Switching

Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) is a routing technique for high-performance telecommunications networks; it is both scalable and protocol-independent. It efficiently distributes applications across many locations and new sites can be added on demand, allowing for seamless business expansion.

Features & Benefits

Customized Cost-Effective Flexible Secure Scalable


For multi-site enterprises, SD-WAN provides substantial advantages in terms of reduced costs and ease of setup and management. It is possible to route and prioritize branch office network connectivity through the cloud using the principles of software defined networking (SDN), which simplifies and expedites implementation while also decreasing the cost of hardware expenditures generally associated with conventional WAN solutions. Ability to BYOB- Bring your own Broadband

Features & Benefits

Cost-savings Optimized Performance Reliable Secure Simplified

LTE Fixed Wireless

Fixed wireless refers to the operation of wireless communication devices or systems that connect two fixed sites via radio or another wireless link. Consumers using fixed wireless have fewer latency challenges and higher speeds that aren’t impacted by inclement weather. Additionally, fixed wireless consumes less energy than other connections and reduces equipment and labor costs by removing the need for fixed-line infrastructure.

Features & Benefits

Cost Savings Dedicated Connection Eco-Friendly Rapid Installation Terrestrial Diversity

Ethernet Private Line

Ethernet Private Line Service (EPL) is a high-speed data network connection between two sites that is built to provide high-performance, secure connectivity with excellent quality of service . These layer 2 network connections are suitable for replacing traditional point-to-point lines with a lower-cost Ethernet service.

Features & Benefits

Dedicated Bandwidth Gigabit Speeds Low Latency Performance Reliable Scalable Secure

Dedicated Internet Access

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) connection offers 100% dedicated bandwidth, stability, and performance. Dedicated Internet service is ideal for businesses that require continuous performance and good quality of service for their applications. One of the key advantages of a dedicated Internet line will always operate at the specified maximum bandwidth, regardless of other internet traffic.

Features & Benefits

Customized Dedicated Bandwidth Efficient Performance Scalable Secure

International Networking

Connect with our team of specialists to learn more about our INTERNATIONAL NETWORKING solutions including all of the above technologies.

Features & Benefits

Global high-speed coverage Cost Effective Multi-device access Bandwidth ratio Instant Installation and Deployment Reliability

Satellite Network Solutions

Satellite Network Solutions can be deployed practically anywhere in the world; it enables dependable connectivity in areas with limited terrestrial communication infrastructure.

Features & Benefits

Global Coverage Cost Savings Multi-device access Bandwidth ratio Instant Installation Instant Instant Deployment Reliable


Due to the high speed of broadband Internet connection, it is the most widely utilized type of Internet access; it is available in four different forms: DSL (or Digital Subscriber Line), fiber-optic, cable, and satellite. Dial-up is the only non-broadband internet connection accessible, and while it is less expensive, the majority of Internet users are migrating to faster broadband Internet connections.

Features & Benefits

Availability Cost Savings Secure


Hidalgo is an IPv4 address facilitator within the American Registry for Internet Numbers’ (ARIN) Specified Transfer Listing Service (STLS). We are dedicated to providing comprehensive, efficient, and cost-effective solutions for acquiring or selling IPv4 address space. Our team can assist with IPv4 purchase, sale, lease, and transfer requests. Additionally, we provide hosted virtual machine solutions with unlimited IP rotation and IPv4 transfer services to and from the RIPE, APNIC, and ARIN regions.

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