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Anthony Hidalgo

Chief Executive Officer

Anthony Hidalgo

With over 20 years of experience in the evolving landscape of telecommunications, Anthony Hidalgo paved a new path for innovation and cutting-edge solutions during his upward mobility through a spectrum of roles in sales, operations, and product development. As he journeyed to become President and Founder of Hidalgo Communications, Anthony masterfully carried out responsibilities in operations planning, implementation, growth, and providing support for an influx of new technology. Read More

In the early years of his career, Anthony co-founded iNYC in 1998 and then chose to move on to hold senior sales and operations roles with powerhouse companies such as Transbeam and Intercom through 2004. While Vice President of Sales at Transbeam (a CLEC and managed network service provider), where he facilitated the acquisition of Internet Service Providers, he also steered the company to increase its annual revenue by 150%. He then strategically transitioned to, where he was responsible for day-to-day operations, growth, and increasing transaction volume as their Executive Vice President. In June 2008, Anthony orchestrated the initiation, negotiation, and completion of sale of Simlab to Network Billing Systems (NBS). Upon completion of this major transaction, from 2008 to 2010, Anthony served as the Vice President of Product Development at NBS, where he was responsible for integrating the sale and managing the entire data division. Prior to and during his tenure with Hidalgo Communications, Anthony held the coveted title of Chief Operating Officer of IPNetZone. At that time in his career, Hidalgo Communications served as the Wholesale Sales Agency for IPNetZone. In 2012, IPNetZone was auspiciously acquired by United Network Services Inc., (UNSi), a managed service provider heralded for launching the first global MPLS exchange platform, and subsequently sold to the publicly traded firm, GTT Communications Inc. (GTT).
Rewarded for his charismatic leadership, Anthony was presented with the Business Achievement Award by New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg for co-founding a non-profit organization dedicated to the reform and distribution of financial assistance to small business owners affected by the September 11th catastrophe. In a time of great uncertainty, Anthony consciously persevered to generate awareness and accessibility for those in need and contribute to the greater good of all. The amount of federal grants received was significantly increased as a result of this influential initiative, and a new federal tax amnesty program was successfully promoted to make a profound positive difference and restore balance to the industry.

In recent years, Anthony has invested his resources in pursuing the transformation of mental health care availability and treatment in America. Anthony currently serves on the board of advisors for New Yorkers for Mental Health Alternatives, a non-profit providing education and policy reform initiatives for psychedelic-assisted mental health therapy.

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Craig Lam

Executive VP

Shane Roybal

Executive VP

Hidalgo & Co. is very responsive, reliable and thorough. Their team helped build the business case and delivered real business value in negotiating our global telecommunications contracts. They have a proactive approach and are able to anticipate our needs which allowed them to operate as an extension of the team. They are focused on the relationship and are true partners in the industry.

John Jackson
CIO Aerojet Rocketdyne

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